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What Happened to Heidi Klum’s Boobs? And 3 Other Lies Victoria’s Secret Made Me Believe

by The Foundist

When I saw this pic of Heidi Klum topless, I was like “Whoa.” Not whoa because I was impressed with her rack, but whoa because WTF happened to her rack?

Now I know Heidi has 4 kids, but even still. I was convinced she had an enviable, voluptuous bosom, but compared to this pic, my boobs aren’t so bad.

I know we’ve all heard about airbrushing, but is Victoria’s Secret really that good. Heidi’s not the only Angel who’s a bit of letdown. Behold:

Alessandra Ambrosio

Adriana Lima

Gisele Bundchen

┬áDon’t get me wrong–all of these women are beautiful. But it’s nice to know even they need Photoshopping and push-up bras, too.

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