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5 Scents You’re Likely to Find In the New NYC Scratch ‘N Sniff Book…

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Amber Jones used to be a hotel concierge, but these days she’s busy putting the finishing touches on her first children’s book entitled, New York, Phew York. The concept? A lively, illustrated tour of New York City complete with the scents of the city.

We haven’t received our copy yet, but the book wouldn’t be complete without these iconic NYC smells.

1. Honey roasted peanuts. Nothing smells more delicious upon emerging from the subway.

2. Trash. If you’re going for authenticity, it doesn’t get more real than the disgusting, wafting scent of 27 bags of trashed stacked right outside your apartment building on trash day.

3. Homeless. Yes, it’s a scent. And if you’re lucky, you can find it without fail right at those 2-seater seats on the trains.

4. Marijuana. Because we all live in such close quarters in this city, whenever your neighbor is getting high, you’re getting high, too.

5. Urine. There are lots of places around the city you can smell piss. In the elevators of most project apartment buildings. In the 27th Street exit from the downtown #1 train. Sometimes even on the person standing uncomfortably close next to you on the subway.

Did we miss any?

Source: Time