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You Decide: Is Beyonce Wearing a Fake Baby Bump?

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Rumors are swirling on the Internet that expectant mom Beyonce Knowles recently wore an inflatable baby bump during an interview on the Australian TV show, Sunday Night.

I’ve watched the video, above, multiples times and I really can’t tell.

Logically, it just doesn’t make sense to me why someone–let alone, Beyonce–would wear a fake baby bump. But the pics are pretty persuasive.

I think it’s very possible that her dress could have just folded awkwardly when she bent over–it happens with maternity clothes. But I just don’t know. It just doesn’t make sense. Beyonce in a fake baby bump? Why?

What do you think? Fake bump or real bump? See what other people are saying by following #SashaFetusIsReal.

UPDATE: Doesn’t this pic of Beyonce prove she is legitimately preg?