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5 Famous Fictional Dogs to Dress Your Dog As For Halloween

by Molly

I can see it in their eyes. Your dog want his dignity back. He doesn’t want to be a bee, or a wizard. He certainly doesn’t want to be a hot dog.

So instead of spending $30 on the perfect doggy sized ladybug outfit, grab some props from around the house and dress him up as one of these famous fictional dogs for Halloween. Then let your pup loose to mock the next-door dachshund dressed as a roll of mentos.

1. Baxter (From Anchorman)
What You’ll Need: Dog sized silk pajamas (Yeah, you’re going to have to buy those.)

2. Porkchop (From Doug)
What You’ll Need: A dog-sized cape (aka a towel)

3. Wishbone (From Wishbone)
What You’ll Need: The Complete Works of Shakespeare (or a newspaper three-cornered hat)

4. Clifford (The Big Red Dog)
What You’ll Need: Teeny-tiny dog bones

5. Shadow (From Homeward Bound)
What You’ll Need: A phone book

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