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Why Are All of Our Favorite Songs About Sex?

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According to a new study, Americans really like songs about sex. Well, duh!

“Approximately 92% of the 174 songs that made it into the [Billboard] Top 10 in 2009 contained reproductive messages,” reports Dawn R. Hobbs, the lead author of the study.

Reviewing my current playlist–and my favorite songs, in general–I must concur that this study is indeed accurate. Here are lines from 6 of the most amazing songs that make me most Americans want to get it on:

1. Motivation by Kelly Rowland featuring Lil Wayne.

Oh lover, don’t you dare slow down/Go longer, you can last more rounds/Push harder, you’re almost there now/so go lover, make mama proud.

2. Sex on Fire by Kings of Leon

Hot as a fever, rattling bones/I could just taste it, taste it/If it’s not forever, if it’s just tonight/Oh it’s still the greatest, the greatest/You, your sex is on fire.

3. Super Bass by Nicki Minaj

He just gotta give me that look, when he give me that look then the panties comin’ off, off, unh.

4. The Greatest Sex by R. Kelly

And inside of your walls there will dwell a Capricorn/That will feast your body all night/If we keep this up then a love child will be born

5. Take You Down by Chris Brown

Let me take you down/I really wanna take you down/And show you what I’m about/Can I take you now?/Your body, body, oh/Your body, body, up and down.

6. Too Close by Next

Baby when we’re grinding/I get so excited … Step back you’re dancing kinda close/I feel a little poke coming through/On you

Any others? Share them in the comments.

Source: Time