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Top 5 TV Shows That Will Make You Smarter…

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And you don’t even need cable to see them!

I thought my life would be over once I cancelled my cable service, but I’m convinced I’ve actually gotten smarter. And not because I’ve watched any less TV. Why am I smarter? These five shows…

1. Jeopardy. From pop culture to world history, you’ll be full of fun facts after watching this classic for a week.

2. Sid the Science Kid. Yes, it’s a cartoon, but all that crap about convection and friction you totally blocked out from elementary school science will come right back after a few episodes.

3. 60 Minutes. Where else can you learn all about the person who runs the war in Afghanistan and the man who inspired Jerry Maguire. This is serious dinner party material.

4. What Would You Do? I spent years in college taking sociology classes when all I really needed to do was tune into these mini-experiments every week.

5. Big Bang Theory. Okay, I admit I’ve never actually seen this show but judging from the name and the way the characters dress, it seems like you’d learn a thing or two.