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Top 5: Etsy Halloween Costumes That Are Way Out of Your Price Range

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Ah, Etsy, home of vintage hoop skirts, gorgeous illustrations, lampshades hot glued with Legos, and now, exorbitantly expensive Halloween costumes.

But let’s be real:  isn’t any price worth it to not show up to the company Halloween party as the 47th zombie? Start skipping lunch because you’re going to need that cash for one of these surprisingly pricey Etsy Halloween costumes.

If you’ve been yearning to be a depressed muppet… (HereandThere Vintage, $295)

Your kid wanted to be Barney, but you think it’s important to be unique. (missnessamonster, $195)

You couldn’t decide whether to be a butterfly of Elton John, so you went with both. (EnRapturingEnVision, $175)

You were going to be Sonic, but really you’re too chill. (bangbangcrash, $169.52)

You want to seem really on top of pop culture with the new Muppet movie coming out. Or there are some neighborhood kids you really want to freak out when they ring your doorbell. Works either way. (gthorp65, $100)

Source: Etsy