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Top 10 Facebook Don’ts…

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I like Facebook as much as the next person, but I find myself becoming more and more annoyed by the people on Facebook. Isn’t there some Facebook code of conduct? How do people not know it’s breaking the rules to tag ugly pictures of me?

Before you log on to FB, be sure you’re not committing one of these offenses… and putting yourself at risk of being un-friended.

1. Don’t friend me if you hated me. If you didn’t like me back then, chances are I don’t like you now.

2.  Don’t feel the need to message me just because we’ve recently become friends. Let’s just be Facebook friends and look through all 1593 of each others’ pictures. We don’t actually have to interact with one another.

3. Don’t tag me in a picture if I look like shit. That’s just rude.

4. Also, don’t tag me in a picture where I’m (a) getting totally wasted and/or (b) doing some illegal activity. I’m friggin’ FB friends with my boss, dude!

5. Don’t like your own picture/status/link. Here’s why.

6. Don’t ask me personal questions on my wall. That’s what private messages are for.

7. Don’t tag me on an event. That’s why there is an Events feature.

8. Don’t give shout outs to people who aren’t on Facebook. They’ll never know the difference.

9. Don’t call me out for not supporting your cause. Just because you care, doesn’t mean I do.

10. Don’t overshare! This includes, but is not limited to, posting pictures of your kid on the potty, in the bath tub, picking boogers, eating boogers, etc. The only person who thinks it’s cute is you.