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Is Anyone Really Surprised That Tara Reid Isn’t Really Married?

by The Foundist

Remember when everyone was so surprised back in August that someone was actually dumb enough to marry Tara Reid Tara Reid got married? She tweeted a pic of her engagement ring one day, then announced she was married the next. Classic Tara, right?

Well, turns out she isn’t exactly married. Tara and that dude (I mean,¬†¬†Zack Kehayov) may have had a ceremony on the beach, but it’s not legal. And it seems like Tara is happy about it not being legal because she’s the one who leaked told TMZ the story.

So why on Earth would someone scourge the sanctity of marriage by staging a fake wedding? Oh, let us count the ways.

1. This is Tara Reid we’re talking about. Can we really expect much more from a chick who was poses like this?

2. She got herself a nice ring out of the whole thing. Although if the marriage isn’t real, can we be sure the ring is?

3. Oh yeah, and a magazine spread. Granted, it was only Life & Style, but Tara Reid hasn’t been relevant in like, 3 years, so look what 1 little fake wedding did for her.


Who wants to bet she fakes pregnant next? Just look what it’s done for Beyonce and Jessica Simpson.

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