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Jenna Lyons Is Back In the News–And Not Because J. Crew Is Doing Exceptionally Well

by The Foundist

For most of 2011, Jenna Lyons has been on top of the world. She was on Oprah. She got a sweet promotion. Michelle Obama was like J. Crew’s unofficial spokesmodel. She evenĀ painted her son’s toenails pink and people actually defended her. Everything was gravy.

But it looks like something else was brewing while Jenna was enjoying her success. Not only are her and her husband of 9 years divorcing, but apparently Jenna is also shacking up with a lesbian lover. Drama!

As if the lesbian lover part weren’t dramatic enough, there’s also the custody of the couple’s son, Beckett, to deal with and the whole who gets what issue.

Seems like a sad situation for everyone involved–except maybe for the unnamed lover–and totally shocking. Are you surprised to hear about Jenna Lyons’ divorce? What about the lesbian lover??

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