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5 Lessons Learned From Surviving This Weekend’s Northeast Without Power

by Molly


One of the unlucky Tri-staters who was stranded indoors with no power this weekend? Yeah, I was too. It pretty much sucked, but in retrospect at least I can say I learned a few things. Take notes:

1. If you use your only flashlight to re-read the entire Harry Potter III, you won’t have any light to do other important things, like finding the bathroom.

2.Playing with candle wax, while a fine way to keep your hands busy without their normal computer and phone diversions, will make it more difficult when you actually need to light said candles.

3. An Eggo waffle will catch fire before it’s actually defrosted by a grill lighter.

4. In inescapable pitch-blackness you will swiftly come to the conclusion that every Halloween horror film you crammed in before the power blew is completely true.

5. Exercising will bring up your body temperature. Exercising wrapped in multiple army blankets is not, however, advisable.

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