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So That’s What WTF Really Means…

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Here, we have an uninformed mom who has innocently formed her own version of the more commonly profane WTF.

I, for one, always add mate to the end of the acronym (look up The End of Ze World), but there are plenty of other things you can tell your parents, kids, or professors it means when they glimpse your WTF laden text. Try these:

1. What the face. Courtesy of Modern Family,

2.Want that fame? For the Kim K’s of the world.

3.Why that face? Out of concern for an expression of sadness or anger. Or, a new way to criticize your ex’s new girlfriend.

4.Wrong this fact. A little yoda specific.

5.Watch that foot. Sports specific, or yelled to someone tottering on eight inch heels.

Source: Pinterest