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5 Lies Dispelled By Kris Jenner On The TODAY Show This Morning

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In case you were at work or sleeping or going on about your daily life this morning when Kris Jenner was on The TODAY Show, here’s what missed.

She was probably supposed to be there to talk about her new book, but much of the interview was dominated by–surprise, surprise–Kim Kardashian’s divorce. Apparently, we’ve all been operating under the assumption that certain tidbits about Kim & Kris’ relationship were true, but Kris was there to set the record straight. Here are the, umm, facts…

1. Kim didn’t made money off of her wedding. She apparently had to pay for this, the wedding of her dreams.

2. Kim’s engagement ring didn’t cost $2 million dollars. It was less than half of that apparently, but Kris admitted to not knowing the exact amount because, well, she didn’t buy it.

3. Kim did not get $1.5 million for her wedding photos. According to Kris, she got somewhere between $500,000 and $1 million. All of which she used to pay for the wedding.

4. The Kardashians did not sell the television rights to the wedding for millions of dollars. Kris doesn’t go into specifics, but maybe that just means they were paid their regular reality TV salaries for the wedding episode. Or that they sold it for just $1 million.

5. All Kardashians have good style. That dress Kris was wearing? Yikes!

Thoughts? Do you believe Kris about all the Kim K. lies??

Source: MSNBC