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Top 10: The Most Popular Professions for Heroes in Romance Novels…

by The Foundist

Thinking of writing a romance novel? We’ll leave all the seedy plot twists and awkward sex scenes to you, but here’s one detail you shouldn’t mess with: your hero’s profession.

An (obviously-bored) pair of scientists analyzed 15,000 Harlequin romance novels and came up with this list of the most popular professions for heroes in romance novels. So as they say, if it aint broke, don’t fix it.

1. Doctor. Excellent bedside manner.

2. Cowboy. Likes to ride.

3. Boss. Umm, slutty secretary fetish?

4. Prince. He wants to be your lover. Oh, not that Prince?

5. Rancher. Totally up for some heavy lifting.

6. Knight. Lots of dark corners in that dungeon.

7. Surgeon. Good with his hands.

8. King. Open invitation to sit on his thrown.

9. Bodyguard. To serve and protect. Then serve some more.

10. Sheriff. Known for flashing his shiny badge.

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