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So Just Who Is This Mariah Yeater, the 20-Year-Old Who Claims Justin Bieber Is Her Baby’s Daddy?

by The Foundist

I so don’t want this Justin Bieber paternity claim to be true. In part because I think the Biebs isn’t that bad of a guy for young girls to swoon over. He’s sings about love, not drugs and aside from a few slip-ups he comes across as a genuinely sweet boy. The bigger reason why I’m in denial about this who baby daddy claim, of course, is this chick Mariah Yeater who’s claiming she and Justin had sex for 30 seconds and she wound up preg. Behold:

Classy, right? In addition to the paternity claim, Yeater also says that Justin said “he wanted to make love to her” and that she was his “first.”

The whole story wreaks of stalker despite claims that Yeater is “a good kid.” Thoughts?

Source: Daily Mail

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