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5 Signs You’re Spending Too Much Time on Facebook

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Facebook is totally addictive. If there’s a computer nearby, you’re on Facebook. Standing in line? Yup, that’s why there are Facebook apps. Considering just how often everyone updates their status, you probably don’t even realize the hours you spend “liking” and commenting. But chances are, it’s excessive. And you might even need help.

Here are 5 signs you need to step slowly away from the FB…

1. You can’t remember your friends face, but you could spot his/her dog and/or baby on a crowded street in a heartbeat.

2.You hear the Facebook chat noises everywhere; they haunt your dreams.

3. You express your thoughts by screaming “Like” at the speaker.

4.In the face of shaking an enemies hand, you run away yelling “friend request denied!” over your shoulder.

5.You clicked on this article out of genuine concern.