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8 Things You Should Never–EVER!–Post on Facebook

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We are all for Facebook bringing us closer and knocking down walls, but there are just some things that fall into the gray area with regard to their Facebook appropriate-ness. You and a hookah that could be used for tobacco, but probably isn’t? Maybe. A picture of your beach vacation that may or may not have started the day you called in sick. Risky.

The following, however, should never, ever be posted on Facebook. We actually have a call scheduled with MZ (Mark Zuckerberg, that is) to make these immediate grounds for explusion…

1. Your HIV test results. Yes, it’s wonderful news that you don’t have HIV. But Facebook is simply not the place to share this news. It is also most certainly not the place to post the actual test results with all your personal info.

2. Someone else’s news. I’m sure you’re excited about your sister’s pregnancy, but if she hasn’t posted her mom-to-be status, neither should you. One of your 900 friends might be someone she actually wants to tell in person.

3. Drinking if you’re under 21. Maybe you’re 20, maybe your parents wouldn’t care, and the cops probably aren’t trolling for underage arrests online. But it is illegal, and college admissions people and potential employers do check.

4. Naked pictures. You’d think this wouldn’t be something that needs to be said in 2011, but even though Facebook weeds out nudity, save them the trouble and keep your own in a drawer. And while we’re on the subject, before you post naked baby pictures, think of how much your baby will appreciate you holding back when he/she is twelve.

5. Threats. They’ll come back to haunt you when your boss has a mysterious accident…

6. Overt flirting with someone other than your significant other. At best it can lead to a stupid fight, and at worst you can become part of the statistic that 1 in 5 divorces are caused by Facebook.

7. Personal information. This includes, but is not limited to, your cell phone number, birthday and address. Facebook stalking is one thing, actual stalking is another. Don’t make it any easier.

8. Your relationship drama. Yes, your husband may very well be a cheating bastard, but if you decide to take him back, don’t expect all your FB friends to magically forget how heartbroken you were and forgive him, too.