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Please… Make Them Stop!!

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Yes, the Duggars. They’re having another baby. This makes baby #20.

Forgive me if I sound less than congratulatory. I generally tend to think children make life more fulfilling and enjoyable, but that stops at around, oh say, 6. Maybe, maybe you’re still having fun with 8. But 20 friggin’ kids? As a mom it sounds like pure, unadulterated torture.

I’m guessing the Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar are religious and they’re taking that whole “be fruitful and multiply to heart,” but enough is enough people. How do you even remember everyone’s name? How are there enough hours in the day to ensure every child feels loved and cared for?

I’m sure they are wonderful parents–they keep cranking ’em out, after all. But isn’t there something so alarming about a woman who gave birth 20 times?!