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The 5 Worst Places to Break Up With Someone

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Yesterday the Internet was buzzing with the live tweeting of a relationship on the brink of ruins being hashed out at a Burger King. Yes, Burger King. It seems like in the end those crazy kids reconciled, but it got us thinking where you should and shouldn’t have a break-up. Let’s begin with 5 places you definitely should NOT dump someone:

1. On an Airplane. For so many reasons. Please don’t save ending your relationship for a plane ride. There’s the obvious: you’ll both feel awkward around each other and have no place to go. And if the plane starts going down you’ll have no one to cling to. You should also think of your fellow passengers. As much as no one wants to hear a kid cry for five hours, they want to hear a grown man cry less.

2. At an Amusement Park. A park has some of the same confiment issues of an airplane. Whose hand will you hold if you dump him at the crest of a rollercoaster? There’s also an overall otherworldy-ness to amusement parks that might lead your ex to think you weren’t in your right mind when you instigated the break-up. “Not together anymore? Naw, it was just the cotton candy going to her head.”

3. At a Family Gathering. Introducing a significant other to your family isn’t hard. Explaining why he/she is locked in the laundry room and won’t come out is.

4.The Zoo. The guy you’ve just set free might get a little lonely and decide all God’s creatures deserve that same liberation.

5. The Library. Some of us are reading (jk, we’re checking our e-mail, but still). Plus, we don’t want to hear about all he’s done for you, all the wasted years, all the times he sat through Grey’s Anatomy.