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What Your Profile Pic Says About You…

by The Foundist

Choosing a single picture that accurately represents who you are as a person and what you stand for is no easy feat. Need proof? Selecting the right Facebook profile pic is like a science. Too playful? You risk scaring away potential employers. Too serious? You risk deterring stalkers who could turn into booty calls.

Some people have mastered the art, and others, well not so much. Learn from these Facebook profile pic fails and update yours accordingly…

What this pic says: “I’m unemployed.”

What this pic says: “I spent a lot of money on that damn wedding and someone’s gonna see these pics.”

What this pic says: “Still haven’t lost the baby weight, but look, it was all worth it.”

What this pic says: “I am the sh*t. I am also a douche.”

What this pic says: “Can’t. Breathe. Can’t. Smile.”

What this pic says: “Can’t tell which one is me? Good. Just keep telling yourself I’m the cutest guy in every pic because I only post photos of me and a bunch of other dudes.”

What this pic says: “Whipped.”

What this pic says: “Photoshop is my friend.”

What this pic says: “Crazy cat lady.”

What this pic says: “Pause. SUPER pause.”

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