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5 Things We Should All Thank Facebook For…

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If we’re honest, then yes, Facebook is responsible for many of the world’s current woes. Helping people procrastinate when they should be feeding the poor, warping kids brains into thinking it’s okay to post fuzzy cell phone pictures of yourself and yes, even ruining marriages.

But for all the bad, you also have to admit that Facebook has done some good. And it’s about damn time to give MZ and his social media monseer credit for the things its helped fix.

1. Awkward blind dates. Before you’re subjected to a night of uncomfortable silences, you can find the friend of a friend you’re being set up with and check for red flags. Yesterday he liked dogs, 30 Rock and…white supremacy?

2. Small talk. Even if you haven’t seen your second cousin in five years you know to ask her about her boyfriend, her soccer team, and her troubling Twilight obsession.

3. Forgetting to inform friends. Never again will you tell everyone but Becky about your break-up/new job/trip to France. Status update and voila! Becky knows.

4. The end of Did you see this? Just post the adorable cat video. If your friend isn’t even willing to click on it as it floats through their feed, they’re not interested.

5. America’s agricultural industry. Used to be all the young folks wanted to get to the city, but now? They’re all about farms!