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5 Hotties Who Should Replace Alec Baldwin on People’s Sexiest Men Alive List, Effective Immediately

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Today People named their sexiest man alive, Bradely Cooper, and named a bunch of other guys of questionable handsomeness as runners up, including Alex Baldwin, who’s really funny, but sexy? Here are five guys who should have totally made the list:

1. Tom Welling
Smallville may be gone, but Tom’s penetrating eyes and rock hard abs will always be there for us.

2. Mathew Morrison
Sure he might currently be playing the awkward, sweater-vest wearing glee club director, but did you see that Details cover he did last year? And he sings!

3. Danilo Gallinari
Why Kim K. chose to get fake married to Kris Humphries over this bball hottie, I’ll never understand.

4. Taylor Lautner
A little young for the list with less than perfect acting stills, but give the poor kid a break. He obviously spends most of his waking hours at the gym and I appreciate that dedication.

5. Andrew Garfield
And for all you girls–all six of you– who prefer brains over brawn, there’s Andrew. After seeing him in the social network I thought he was cute. When I found out he has a British accent, well now it’s a completely different (read: sexier) story.