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Yikes! 3 Stars Who Should Have Done a Few Extra Sit-Ups Before That Holiday Getaway…

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I’m a sucker for a hot celeb on a beach just like the next person, but you know what? It irks me that most magazines and websites almost exclusively show pics of women in bikinis. Yes, there’s occasionally a random slideshow of hot shirtless guys, but more often than not it’s women who have to worry about being in tip top shape on vacay because their photo is more likely to wind up on the homepage of People.com.

Well, I’m over it. Enough is enough. While Jessica Alba was busting her ass to debut her post-baby bikini bod in Mexico these male celebrities should have been on the treadmill right next to her. Thought no one was going to post pics of your crappy bodies? Think again, guys!

1. Steven Tyler. Yeah, he’s old so he gets somewhat of a break, but that doesn’t mean it’s okay for him wear low-cut skin-tight swim trunks. Guh-ross. I’m convinced there’s nothing scarier than Steven Tyler in a speedo.

2. Donald Faison. Sure he was cute as Murray in Clueless, but it looks like a lot has changed since then… starting with that undeniable gut.

3. Russell Simmons. Hmm, what happened to all that yoga, Rus? Clearly you need to do about 7500 more downward dogs. #justsayin