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She Drives a What?! You Won’t Believe What These Celebrities Drive…

by The Foundist

Okay, so maybe you can believe it. Celebrities are filthy rich, so I guess it shouldn’t be all that surprising that they drive crazy expensive cars. To put it all in perspective, Miley Cyrus is slumming it in an $80,000 Range Rover. That’s more than some people–i.e. me!–get paid in a year!

So if you’ve ever wondered how car companies who sell their rides for upwards of $100,000 stay in business, behold the celebrities who keep them profitable.

Nicole Scherzinger in a Bentley
Starting Price: $200,000

Kim Kardashian in a Ferrari
Starting Price: $180,000

Lindsay Lohan in a Porsche Carrera
Starting Price: $110,000

Selma Blair in a Mercedes G-Class Wagon
Starting Price: $107,000

Miley Cyrus in a Ranger Rover
Starting Price: $80,000

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