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Lessons From Sorority Girls: How to Use Craigslist

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So what’s a sorority girl to do when her “hot douche” boyfriend dumps her right before the biggest sorority formal of the year? Find a replacement, of course. On Craigslist.

Welcome to the first–of many–lessons from sorority girls. Yeah, they get a bad wrap for, well, being bitchy and hazing chicks, but they do a lot of good stuff, too. Community service is one of the pillars of sorority life and today, Christina, a member of USC’s Pi Beta Phi is doing just that. Here’s her lesson on how to properly use Craigslist:

1. Be specific. “Definitely over 6 feet (do not include height from hair).”

2. Use descriptive words. “Sharp and classic fashion sense (absolutely no bow tie aficionados–think Clooney).”

3. State your non-negotiables. ” Must have a strong dedication to hard partying (for an approximate 6 hour period).”

Yup, Christina was the unlucky girl who got dumped right before her sorority’s formal. But instead of pouting about it, she took to Craigslist–and sent her listing to Ryan Seacrest! The result? Derek Hough and Jason Kennedy have stepped in and offered to be her date. Take notes, people!

Source: ryanseacrest.com