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Can’t Wait To Go Out For A Few Drinks…. And Take A Pregnancy Test?

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A Minnesota pub is now home to a pregnancy test machine. It’s not an uncommon fact that people have been taking pregnancy tests in odd places for decades, but what’s the purpose of putting it in a bar, we wonder? And what happened to the good ol’ condom machine? Looks like people weren’t using them because now they have a bigger concern. The owner of Pub500, the bar where this machine was installed in late July, says the pregnancy test dispenser was installed to prevent alcohol fetal syndrome and that the $3 per test proceeds – payable via credit, debit, or cash – go to Healthy Brains for Children, a nonprofit organization based in St. Paul. There are plans for over 100 more pregnancy test dispensers to be installed around the area, but for now Pub 500 is the only one. Surprisingly, local customers are all for the bathroom additions; some even hope to add them to restaurants and other establishments.

So let’s think about this.. The upside is that a test is only $3 – much cheaper than one purchased at a drugstore – and you don’t have to deal with the embarrassment of putting your test on the counter. Plus, it will be uber-easy to make friends with strangers in the bathroom when you find out you’re pregnant! (You have to share the moment with someone, right?) Or, if you are relieved to see that negative, you can be at the bar to celebrate with shots in .2 seconds! However, waiting for test results is bound to slow down the bathroom line – it takes 10 minutes. Bar patrons are  already pushy and impatient in bathrooms, so this is not going to thrill the ladies that “really have to go.”

All in all, if a woman is going to go to a bar, we’d assume she knows she’s not pregnant – feels like a publicity scam to us.

Via: ABC News

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