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Sarah Silverman’s Speaks Out Against Voter Fraud Laws

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Sarah Silverman, the loudmouth comedian known for voicing her views about politics, often in the crassest way possible is at it again. Today,  she posted a video lashing out on the new voter fraud laws. Sarah believes that these laws will make it extremely difficult for certain demographics to vote in the upcoming election – which so happen to be leading supporters of Barack Obama.

Voters in at least 11 states are required to present a valid photo ID to vote, so voters most likely to be burdened by these new restrictions are Democrats. Among seniors and young voters, 18% don’t have valid ID and among African Americans, 25% don’t. She makes light of it by showing an older man trying to use his Social Security card that he has been using for years and getting denied. Followed by a wounded veteran trying to use his US Veteran card but cannot because it does not have his address. Keep in mind that comments about her vagina are randomly mixed in.

She also makes jokes about gun owners having no problem voting but students not being allowed to use their school IDs. “Some students…will not be able to use their student IDs to vote,” she notes, “but, and this is amazing, gun owners can use their firearm permits as ID to vote. It makes perfect sense: Get these kids gun permits! I feel safer from voter fraud already. She constantly makes stabs at the Republican party and calls out the State House Majority Leader in PA by showing a video of him saying that these voter restrictions would allow Mitt Romney to win the state.

Laughs aside, I agree that if someone were trying to steal an election, a voter pretending to be someone they are not at the polls is the last method anyone would choose. But couldn’t you have toned it down a little bit, Sarah? She is so specific in her delineation of voter fraud, but it just might detract from the message she is trying to give.  She does make me want to find out more with her shock factor, but I think I’m going take my chances when I head down to the polls in November. Maybe I’ll see Sarah there trying to vote for the incumbent?

Via: Let My People Vote 2012

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