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The Most Bizarre Alcohol Consumption, Yet: Butt Chugging

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The University of Tennessee chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha (Pike) has been suspended after a fraternity brother was sent to the ER early Saturday with severe alcohol poisoning. When he arrived, the 20-year-old with a blood-alcohol level “well over” 0.4% appeared to be dangerously intoxicated, unresponsive, and showing signs of physical (and possibly sexual) assault.  He was later discharged, but the big deal is that the hospital believed he ingested the alcohol by a method known as “butt chugging.”

Yes, this practice is as disgusting as it sounds. An individual basically “drinks” the fluid into the rectum with a tube. This alcohol enema’s effects come more quickly and potently than alcohol consumed in more traditional ways. What were these frat boys thinking? I guess I shouldn’t expect them to take the classy route, but this is insane– you don’t even get to taste the wine!

When the police arrived to the fraternity  they stumbled upon several students passed out in various bedrooms and bags from wine boxes scattered across the halls and rooms. They obviously determined other students had engaged in a similar form of consumption. A number of citations were given out to the frat boys, but no criminal charges have been filed. On Monday, Pike’s UT chapter was for 30 days by the fraternity’s internation headquarters, with the permanent status still pending while campus police investigate. Thirty days seems like a slap on the wrist to me.

This frat was previously suspended in 2008, when three pledges contracted staph infections after a hazing ritual on the bathroom floor. Ew. Way to keep it classy, guys!

via ABC News