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Facebook Virus Exposing Your Privates (Messages, Of Course)

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There have been tons of reports over the last few days that the Facebook bug posting your old personal messages on your wall is a hoax. However, this morning Kristen and Liz from coolmomtech.com found some of their private messages from 2010 posted for everyone to see.

They were unable to cross check the public posts in the private message box, but they think the posts were not actually set to public. Until everything is confirmed we are playing it safe and following the tips to find out if Facebook has made our personal messages private (rude!) and hiding them… quickly! Here’s how:

1. Go to your Timeline

2. Click 2010 (and then earlier) from the right side

3. Look at “Friends 2010: # friends posted on Your Name’s timeline”

4. Hover or click the pencil (depending on your computer)

5. Select Hide From Timeline

(Repeat for previous years)

Every single private message sent is not being seen, but there were definitely a few mixed in with the public wall posts. Even though people really have to search for them, you don’t want your private messages made public at all… I don’t even want to see most of my own from before 2010! It’s probably embarrassing. Hopefully they will fix the bug and fix it fast!