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Kegulate How Much Alcohol Your Party Will Need

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It’s so easy for your eyes to be bigger than your tolerance when it comes to kegs. Having leftover beer after a kegger, birthday, or wedding reception is just useless– you don’t want it to go to waste, but you probably can’t drink it in your hungover state, either. Do you know what’s even worse?! Running out of beer. Gasp!

These fears are common amongst those gearing up for these unforgettable nights. Well, not anymore! This Kegerators.com beer calculator will help you figure out the perfect amount of kegs, kegerators, cases of beer, and accessories you will need to keep your party going.

All you have to do is enter the number of drinkers attending your fiesta in the calculator! Don’t forget to add the level of drunkenness your party-goers will achieve – you want everyone to have a good time. After you tell the KegWizard how many people will be Tipsy, Buzzed, Drunk, or Hammered, it does the rest.

In seconds you’ll know just how much beer, ice, and cups you’ll need to “keep the good times flowing.”  Sign me up.