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10 Halloween Costumes That Make You Hit The Snooze Button

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It’s the time of year again! Are you frantically searching for the perfect Halloween costume idea so that you will be this year’s Best Dressed at the party?

According to a National Retail Federation survey, 2012 is set to be a record-breaking year for Halloween celebrators. More Americans are expected to get into the trick-or-treat spirit AND spend more money to celebrate the spooky season. What’s at the top of their to-do lists? Their costumes, of course!

There’s two types of Halloween costumes: most popular and most creative. NRF released a survey which pinpoints the most popular Halloween costumes for adults, kids and pets. That’s right, don’t forget to dress up Fido! Additionally, the survey asked consumers where they looked for costume inspiration. Retail stores, online searches and family and friends are still at the top, but the results show that social media sites are gaining an edge. The infographic below shows how the stats lined up.

So if you want to stand out this year, avoid these costumes – you’re not going to land Best Dressed at the costume party in a witch outfit! It can be overwhelming and stressful; a boring costume could be Halloween suicide. There’s tons of good material this year that will prevent you from becoming a social zombie. Need a little direction? Here’s the Best Halloween Costume Ideas of 2012 (which will totally score you the Best Dressed prize)!


Top Halloween costumes for adults, kids and pets in 2012 – Infographic