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E! Shows Your Favorite Celebs’ Style Right Down To Their Fingertips

by Janelle

Do you remember the Glam Cam? That’s right, E!’s 360┬░ coverage that allows viewers to fully check out celebrities’ outfits! What a wonderful invention– you can’t accurately judge an outfit until you see the backside, right? But the Glam Cam diorama is old news now, thanks to E!’s latest innovation: the Mani Cam.

The cable network is still proving that they are on top of the red-carpet-coverage leader board with their technology and creativity. And who can wait to see the this year’s best dressed nails? At the latest Emmy Awards, E! asked the nominees to show off their lovely manicures on a cute mini-red carpeted Mani Cam . How charming? Or, at least that is how the people at E! would describe it.

Our friends over at The Washington Post┬áhave a different feeling about this manicured revolution. Normal people who watched the Emmy red carpet show thought the famous people’s hands looked like evil, blinged-out finger monsters that were going to TAKE OVER THE WOLRD! It almost was if they treated their fingers as people.

Needless to say, we think that the red carpet coverage is getting a little out of hand (pun intended).

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