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Is He Just Not That Into You? Let Strangers Decide!

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Dating can be hard, especially with all the different types of communication out there today. It’s obvious that there is a communication totem pole in the technology world: the less serious being Twitter, then Facebook chat, and moving up to texting. And let’s get serious, texting is still pretty low on the real communication totem pole. So needless to say, the current dating generation has it rough. How do you know if a guy wants to be more serious or if he’s just typing to you to pass time. Well have no fear, ladies, because there’s a new site out there that will help you figure this guy out!

The new site called HeTexted lets strangers decide whether there’s a love connection beyond the data connection, or whether he’s smitten enough to skip the SMS and — gasp! — actually call.

The site is free and users can build a real profile or post their texts anonymously. Other users can offer advice in the comments section, or simply judge the exchange and vote: He’s Into You, He’s Not Into You or Verdict Is Still Out. A few hundred users have tested it out since the site is still new, but it is expected to grow. The creator of the site says that the sit is looking to build relationships and offer honest and unbiased feedback. So when you’re friends are too nice and won’t tell you like it is, visit this site to find out if “your guy” is really into you or not!

And for the fellas that are equally as perplexed by texts from women, there’s a SheTexted in the works!