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DYAC Shows Support For Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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It’s National Breast Cancer Awareness month and DamnYouAutoCorrect.com wants to show their support to the campaign! So, DYAC presents its “Best of Breasts” autocorrects and dedicates the post to all those who have been affected by breast cancer, all in good humor  and with deep respect, of course. They want to bring many, many laughs to them and the those raising awareness/funds and educating people about breast cancer.

Although, it’s a little silly, I think it is a great way for DYAC to show their support. Some may think they are taking such a serious topic lightly, but I believe they are sincerely wanting to raise awareness and support National Breast Cancer Awareness month! The site even has

Speaking of breasts, DYAC invites men and women to cover theirs with their newly-released collection of DamnYouAutoCorrect t-shirts inspired by autocorrect fails from Busted Tees. Yes, they have tshirts.. I kind of wish they were joking.

So, what do you think? Have you ordered one, yet?