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Are You A Michelle Or An Ann?

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The Debates are heating up! I know I should be paying attention to President Obama and Governor Romney’s “conversation”, but I just can’t focus on that when I’m distracted by their wives’  attire! Please, someone tell me I’m not alone.

The big news of the final Presidential Debate? Michelle Obama REPEATED a dress! I, personally, love the message she is sending out to America- wearing the same Thom Browne dress she wore the second night of the Democratic National Convention last month — Michelle Obama can be JUST LIKE US! She knew the press would notice! Hello, they noticed her Tracy Reese obsession and stalked her blue-ish grey nail polish, and now she can show the world that she knows how to recycle, too!

Ann Romney took a step out of her comfort zone, as well! She started this campaign in cliche, First Lady attire.. snooze fest. At this last Presidential Debate, though, Ann donned a silk green top and cream & green silk pleated skirt. She looked very polished without trying too hard,  but, I’m sorry, does anyone else think she kind of looked like a 1950’s housewife??

So, (politics aside) what did you think of the Debates’ fashion? Are you a Michelle or an Ann?

Via: The Daily Beast