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The Apron That Tweets About Your Meal

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Technology is taking over our lives! With every generation comes more and more gadgets, phones, and techtastic devices that make it even harder for parents to grasp their kid’s attention. A home-cooked meal won’t even do the trick! Cue the quirky Apron Alert — Smart Design’s Interaction Lab created an apron that actually tweets the status of lunch out to the world!

You have to be joking me, right? Parents have been forced to use a “smart” apron to interact with their kids?

How does it work? It can sense when you put the apron on (aka begin cooking the meal) and when you have taken it off. The apron sends an automatic tweet or text message to let people know when the meal has begun and when it is ready.

I assume that kids think this invention is lame. But, hey, if parents want to give it try, I’m not judging. With the technology out there today, you have to do anything you can to get their attention. If a texting apron is the only way, so be it.