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Introducing, The Liz & Dick Drinking Game!

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Get the vodka ready! Lindsay Lohan’s new movie, Liz & Dick, premiered Sunday night and it felt more like a really long SNL skit than a dramatic biopic. Everyone’s favorite redhead-on-the-rocks tried her best to play screen icon Elizabeth Taylor, but it didn’t work out so well. Let’s just say, she did a better job driving her Ferrari on the Pacific Coast Highway–and we all know how that turned out–than she did acting in this film.

So in honor of Lilo’s latest #fail, we created an awesomely fun Liz & Dick drinking game. Set your DVR (cause you know Lifetime is bound to replay it), shake up a batch of martinis (Liz’s drink of choice), and print out these Liz & Dick Drinking Game rules. Yes, you’ll probably get as blacked out drunk as Lindsay on a Tuesday at the Chateau Marmont, but that’s all part of the fun!

Liz & Dick Drinking Game Rules

Drink whenever:

1.  Anyone wears fur.

2. Lilo’s accent goes faux British.

3. Richard Burton’s character gets drunk.

4. Liz and/or Dick are drinking.

5. There’s a marriage or divorce.

6. Lilo’s drawn on mole shows more emotion than her.

7. Glass is broken.

8. Someone throws something at a wall.

9. You see alcohol or a bar cart.

10. Someone buys jewelry.. or talks about jewelry.

11. You think Lilo looks better playing a 40-year-old than she does in real life.

12. You catch yourself thinking of at least 10 better actresses to play Liz Taylor.

13. Someone collapses.

14. You like an outfit.

15. Someone mentions alcohol, drugs, or fornication.

16. Someone talks about how old or fat Liz and/or Dick are.

17. You think you could have played Liz Taylor better than Linday Lohan.

18. You don’t know what year it’s supposed to be.

19. Lilo wears something on her head.

20. There’s actually a good line thrown in the mix.

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