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What’s More Incredible? Jay-Z Riding The Subway Or The Fact That Some New Yorkers Have No Idea Who He Is…

by Samantha

What happens when Jay-Z decides to make like us mere plebeians and ride the subway? We found out this week when Where I’m From, a 24-minute short documenting the rapper’s eight-night stint at the Barclays Center in September, was released online.

The biggest takeaway? Apparently, not everyone knows who Jay-Z is. Yes, Hova. One-half of America’s hip-hop royal couple. When the older woman next to him noticed the commotion and asked if he was famous, Jay’s humble response and sweet conversation prompted the interwebs to emit a collective “aw.” It’s nice to see that, despite the Dom Perignon and St. Tropez yachts, he’s still just a regular guy… worth $460 million.

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