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Make Your Dirtiest Ryan Gosling Fantasy A Reality For Just $374…

by Samantha

The joke is almost too obvious to make here.  FaceChairs.com now sells chairs with seat cushions that feature the smiling mug of your favorite (or least favorite) celebrities like Ryan Gosling, Anna Wintour and Brad Pitt.

Look, this is definitely a funny idea, and we love the thought of sitting on Clooney’s face as much as the next girl (sorry, had to). It really just depends on how far you are willing to take that RyGos fan girl-ism.. or how bad that Vogue internship was 10 years ago. It’s your money.

The good news is that most of the chairs have now been reduced in price from the original hefty $950 to under $500. We won’t judge you… quite as hard now.

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