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Snoop Dogg’s French Tips Rival Any Housewife’s

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What would Tupac think about this? Snoop Dogg – sorry, Lion – took to his Instagram account to share a pic of one of his usual blunt-smoking sessions – with one key difference. Apparently, the former D-O-Double-G likes to get his nails did as much as you or I, as he can be seen sporting a set of French tips to rival any Upper East Side housewife’s. His caption? “French tips for the French enhale (sic).”

Now, we had thought that the French manicure went out with acrylics in the ’90s. But if a legend like Snoop is advocating this look, maybe it’s something worth reconsidering.

So tell us what you think of Snoop’s nail statement. Do you think a rapper can pull off a manicure? Is the french manicure on its way back in? Sound off in the comments.