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Kristen Stewart’s Oscars Accessory Was Unusual

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The 2013 Oscars had us all buzzing about some new and, um, unique fashion statements. Between Anne Hathaway‘s nipply dress and Bradley Cooper’s mom’s sneakers, we were curious to see what was going to walk down the red carpet next. The fashion statement of the night, however, came very unexpectedly from Kristen Stewart (shown above), who rolled up with her latest accessory: a set of crutches.

While we loved the look, we definitely would’ve gone with a brighter color for the crutches – metallic grey is very last season.  The color also didn’t really compliment Stewart’s pale complexion. She could have also tried matching her jewelry  to the crutches to complete the look.

And we’re hoping to see some designers take heed and launch collaborations  featuring the mobility aid.  Just imagine: crutches covered in signature Missoni prints – or maybe some Jimmy Choo crutches that match your heels. We can’t wait to see what the crutch trend will bring – thank you Kristen!

But seriously, reports say that Kristen used the crutches after badly cutting her foot on some glass. The Twilight star was also a trooper and left the crutches offstage when she presented at the awards. We hope that RPattz will be back soon from filming in Australia to take care of his hop-along girlfriend!

[Photo: Instagram]