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A New Kind Of Shoe – Unicorn Hooves

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These boots may at first appear to be myth just like the unicorns they are trying to emulate, but they actually exist! The shoes are sold by Oonacat on Etsy and are made to order and completely customizable. They retail for about $440 (a small price to pay for own hooves right?). But, don’t start galloping for joy just yet, because the boots do come with a warning note by the seller: “Oonacat is not responsible in any way for any harm done to those that wear these hooves, nor is Oonacat responsible in any way, to harm done to those around those that wear these hooves.” In fact, the footwear is so extreme that there is also a video to show you how to walk in your hooves. Lets just say, wearing heels will be a piece of cake after you try these babies on. So why not channel your inner unicorn and switch up your heels for hooves once in a while (just don’t break your neck).