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Like Milk? Then Try Pure Milk Vodka!

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Introducing grass-grazed vodka! Black Cow Pure Milk Vodka is the world’s first pure milk vodka and we are udderly intrigued. Jason Barber is the dairy farmer behind the new alcoholic beverage, who decided to diversify the produce from his herd of 250 cows. Barber separates the milk into curds and whey and then ferments the whey into beer. The milk is then triple filtered using his secret blending process to produce milk vodka.

Unfortunately, the vodka is only available in the UK for now at £28.85 for a big bottle. It has been featured in British Vogue and is already gaining a celebrity following from the likes of Elizabeth Hurley and Daniel Craig. Now you can get your calcium from your vodka (just kidding). Moooo-ve over there’s a new kind of dairy in town and you’ve got to be 21+ to drink it (at least in America)!

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