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Five Female Future Celebs

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Pipes come big and small, but when a big sound comes from a small inconspicuous pipe it is hard to keep the jaw hinge tight. Here are five little girls performing on big-name talent shows for a chance to shock and awe. Some of these future Beyonce’s and Jennifer Hudson’s bring serious sass and umphf to the stage, while others tender up the judges with an earnest streak of shyness. Regardless of how far along they are in the development of their inner diva, these five blossoming buds kill it, and we have no doubt they will flourish to the top of the charts.

1. French Caroline Sings Christina


2. Chloe the Mini-Carrie


3. Arisxandra Brings Her Voice within out


4. Beyonce Sounds like Rachel


5. Hard to Believe Anna Is 10

Rachel loves hats— Fedoras, ten-gallons, those crazy ones that fancy British ladies wear. Not only does she love hats, she also wears many of them. After graduating from Penn State, Rachel has been an ESL teacher, a barista, a proofreader, a barista, a copy editor, and probably a barista a couple more times. Rachel now lives in Chicago with her three roommates: a rescue dog Nemo, her fiancé, and a flatscreen that’s always playing Scandal. Connect with her through Google