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Beats Solo 2: Dr. Dre’s New $3 Billion Headphones

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Dr. Dre is a very rich man. He’s even more of a rich man than he was a few months when he was still a very rich man. In May Apple announced it was buying Beats, the best selling headphone company, from Dre and Jimmy Iovine for $3 billion dollars. Now, without having any time to pick out a decent yacht or seven, they’ve released a brand new pair of headphones: Beats Solo².

The Solo² is the successor to their wildly popular on-ear model, Beats Solo. While the Solo² isn’t made exclusively for billionaires, its $200 price tag is still a hefty cost. That’s why The Foundist is finding out if these new Beats are worth the bill. 

How It Looks

The Solo² has a slick, new redesign with a curved headband and fancy upholstery around the earcups. It comes in pink, grey, black, white, red, and a particularly sweet shade of blue. While the predecessor was iconic and stylish in its own right, the Solo 2 is a definite improvement.

How It Feels

The overall feel of the new headphones are natural and comfortable. The upgraded earcups fit more snuggly but keep your ears from getting too hot. While its more flexible headband is an improvement, some people may still find it uncomfortable for longer periods of use. Dre fans with weak necks can breath a sigh of relief though, The Solo² is a little lighter than the clunky original.

How It Sounds

Compared to older Beats models this is a huge improvement. Never the choice of the audiophile, Beats have traditionally sacrificed a full range of sounds and tones to boost the bass. Treble would pretty much disappear. Hi-hats would sound a room away. If you braved listening to non-bass heavy genres like folk or bluegrass, you were better off listening through laptop speakers. The Solo² is a huge step towards a well-rounded sound. It may not compare to other brand’s studio-quality headphones but the sound finally matches the price.

The Verdict

The new Beats Solo² look fantastic, feel pretty good, and sound alright. It’s a step in the right direction and a massive improvement, but ultimately you’ll be paying for how you look while listening to music that could sound better for cheaper.

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