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The Best Android Photo Editing App

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Most times, when we snap a pic, we see all the potential in the raw material but need tools to get it there. Enter photo editing market, generation mobile. Of these top eleven photo editing apps, the Google made Snapseed takes our Android breath away.

Unlike the iOS app Camera+, I can’t claim that Snapseed is super user-friendly. It takes a little patience to familiarize yourself with the full extend of this app; reading through the tutorial is strongly recommended! But if you do decide to make some time for it, getting to know Snapseed is well worth the Instagram likes to come.

Our favorite features on this gem:

  • Tune Image controls several aspects of a photo’s overall composition. Brightness, ambiance, contrast, saturation, and white balance are all improved through this feature. So the dull from the “Before” snapshot is brightened and crisped to likable perfection.
    From the Google Snapseed Support webpage

    From the Google Snapseed Support webpage

  • The Center Focus feature does what it sounds like it does—it draws attention to the central object of the photo by focusing on it. There are several settings available for different style “blurs” you can use, so that like a paint stroke, you strategically blur parts of the photo to bring attention to the object.
  • Best for last, the Selective Adjust feature uses award-winning U Point technology that makes selecting sections of a photo intuitive and less time consuming. Simply point to the part of the composition you’d like to enhance and the tool selects it for you. No need to spend time tracing with your finger to crop out that section anymore.

Oh, and did I mention it’s free?