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Trending: Sock Bun Tutorials


In recent years, the ever popular “sock bun” has made its way onto the crowns of the savviest fashionistas. It is the perfect up-do for on-the-go mornings, second day hair, hot summer days, and dressing up any outfit. And because not every woman was built the same, we’ve decided to compile the best variety of sock bun tutorials here. Sock buns for women with thinner hair, shorter hair—you name it. These are our favorite Youtube how-tos.

1. The Basic Bun

This is the basic sock bun principle. If you have longer, thicker hair with less layers going on, this is how you want to approach the do. Timeless look in less than five minutes. Beat that.


2. For Those Rocking Shorter Cuts

I love bobs, but they get to be a hassle in the summer time when you want to get that last inch off your neck. They’re also problematic when that dress calls for an up-do and you’re running out of pins and places to hide them. Enter: Sock bun. Now this tutorial is actually three in one, but we only recommend the first tactic she teaches. The last two get to be too complicated and sort of defeat the purpose of a fast hairstyle.


3. Cascading Layers? No Problem

Layers are always (mostly) a good idea. They add volume, visual interest, … fly aways? That’s only true if you’re trying to pick up your hair, and in this case we are. Check out this Youtube contributor’s trick for tucking those rebel strands away.


4. For the Finer Heads of Hair

Some of us were not born with perfectly thick locks. We have to find ways around this, like how to hide a hair-part when getting our hair up into a pony tail or how to make that ponytail lift proudly. In this case, how to get the ponytail all the way around the sock without the donut showing in the end product. Brittany makes that look easy.

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