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5 Things You Didn’t Know You Can Buy on Amazon

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Amazon.com is a lot like the Amazon. It can be dangerous in more ways than one, but its beauty distracts from these potential perils. There are thousands of species of flora and fauna, or departments and products. In the Amazon there are cures for diseases. On Amazon there is a pharmacy aisle in the virtual grocery store. We buy everything from toilet paper to books online, thanks to Amazon’s reach. But we ask, how far does that reach extend? Pretty far, it turns out.

These are five items you’d never think to search for (but are available for purchase) on Amazon.com:

1. Bottle of Wine

Big shocker! A bottle of wine? But not just any bottle, folks. This is a bottle of the 2011 Pink Floyd the Dark Side of the Moon Cabernet Sauvignon. Pink Floyd wine exists? Apparently.

Screen Shot 2014-07-18 at 3.00.42 PM

2. Taser

Not just any taser though—this is the iStun! It is an iPhone camouflaged taser. It looks like you’re holding a phone, but really you could jolt some criminal with serious voltage. Brilliant. And only $18.36.

3. Hidden Wall Safe

For those of us that like to be creative in every aspect of our lives, finding an unexpected place to hide money, keys, and jewelry is valuable. Enter: The mini-safe that looks like a real electrical outlet. It comes complete with a mini saw to install the vault in the wall. The best place to hide things is in plain sight.

4. Taxi Cab Light

Pretty straight forward… It’s a cab light, or a statement art piece for the house.

Screen Shot 2014-07-18 at 3.32.54 PM

5. Crane

Yes, a crane. The kind you lift very large loads with. Granted, it isn’t the sort of machinery you’d see on the site of a skyscraper in-the-works, but it is still pretty impressive (and equally unexpected on Amazon).