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Consumer Comparison: Dyson DC65 Vacuum Cleaner

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With so many vacuum cleaners on the market it’s hard to tell which vacuums suck and which ones do not do a great job picking up dirt and dust. From customer reviews and personal recommendations, we’ve heard great things about the Dyson DC65 Multi Floor vacuum cleaner. So we decided to compare the Dyson vac with two other vacuum cleaners: the new Hoover Air Cordless and the Samsung Motion Sync. Here’s how they stacked up:

Dyson DC65 Multi Floor Vacuum Cleaner

dyson dc65 animal


If you’ve been vacuuming with cheap dust-busters, the first time you use the Dyson DC65 will be pleasantly alarming. The DC65 will pick up so much dirt and dust you’ll be surprised your carpet is still sticking to the floor. What would normally take a few attempts, the Dyson DC65 cleans in one pass. The canister and filter are both easy to clean. The vacuum is also easy to maneuver, light and nimble.


The price is the major roadblock, and the cost goes up for each additional attachment. If you can spend that money on a vacuum, however, it’s worth spending that money on the DC65.  Pet owners might also have to consider the pricier model, The Dyson DC65 Animal. Also, if you have water damage, you can’t clean it up with this vacuum. You’ll have to call a pro, like Chicago Water & Fire Restoration

Hoover Air Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

hoover air cordless


The Hoover Air Cordless has significantly better suction than most cordless models. The brush has a separate on/off switch from the vacuum’s main power switch to vary your cleaning options. It comes with a handy headlight to illuminate darker corners. The battery charges quickly and each charge can last for nearly an hour of use.


The Hoover Air Cordless operates under the banner of “great for a cordless.” While it does excel for a battery powered machine, ultimately the suction and design is less than ideal. The suction is significantly less and its canister capacity about half the size of the other two models. 

Samsung Motion Sync Vacuum Cleaner

Samsung motion sync


The Samsung Motion Sync looks great. Its sleek canister, with a capacity of 2.2 liters, is the largest of the pack.  While not as strong as the DC65, it’s a powerful vacuum. Its built-in handheld vac is a great addition.


The Motion Sync is heaviest and hardest to maneuver vacuum we reviewed. The brush easily gets stuck while cleaning carpet surfaces and needs to be reset. Beyond the built-in hand vac feature, the Motion Sync seems very much indebted to similar Dyson models without the ease of use.

The Verdict:

We’re going with the Dyson DC65. It’s superior cleaning power is in a category of its own and it’s design allows for excellent maneuverability without sacrificing performance. It’s definitely a high-end vacuum, but the DC65 won’t leave you disappointed like the other models might.

While our minds are made up, be sure to take a look at the chart below and see which vacuum matches up best with your needs.

Dyson DC65 Review Table

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