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Rachel loves hats— Fedoras, ten-gallons, those crazy ones that fancy British ladies wear. Not only does she love hats, she also wears many of them. After graduating from Penn State, Rachel has been an ESL teacher, a barista, a proofreader, a barista, a copy editor, and probably a barista a couple more times. Rachel now lives in Chicago with her three roommates: a rescue dog Nemo, her fiancé, and a flatscreen that’s always playing Scandal. Connect with her through Google

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The bloody battle known as the election may FINALLY be over, but election night talk is not! What’s the main topic of discussion? Diane Sawyer’s slurs.. literally. If you missed election coverage on ABC News, you missed the cause of the the Twitterverse explosion! Of course the twitter handle @DrnkDianeSawyer didn’t get as many followers as the Romney’s infamous Binders Full Of Women, but people still talked (and for good reason).  The journalist not only cued nonexistent music and rambled her way through the program, Ms. Sawyer pronounced our President’s name as “Barack Orama” !  Either someone needs a nice long nap or someone started celebrating a little too early!

Judge for yourself, but I think she was a little schwasted.


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Someone is either judgmentally blunt or a little bitter. This Fuck Your Noguchi Coffee Table tumblr is not only hilarious, but everything they point out is aesthetically pleasing and drool worthy. So what gives? FYNCT is proving (and in a very creative way) that the same interior design ideas are constantly recycled over the Internet. It is quite ironic that this hipster-y aesthetic is so common and is amusing to see what the  next “F your..” is going to be. To really have some fun, don’t peak at the text and see if you can guess which product they are going to point out!

Some of my favorites:


Fuck Your Frame Cluster.


Fuck your double decker terrarium.


Fuck your vintage suitcase coffee table with an empty plate on top, fireplace full of books and some artwork, blanket stack in an old crate, mirror cluster, wall asterisk, flowers in trophies, letterpress drawer, wooden deer, and your neon accent

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Technology is taking over our lives! With every generation comes more and more gadgets, phones, and techtastic devices that make it even harder for parents to grasp their kid’s attention. A home-cooked meal won’t even do the trick! Cue the quirky Apron Alert — Smart Design’s Interaction Lab created an apron that actually tweets the status of lunch out to the world!

You have to be joking me, right? Parents have been forced to use a “smart” apron to interact with their kids?

How does it work? It can sense when you put the apron on (aka begin cooking the meal) and when you have taken it off. The apron sends an automatic tweet or text message to let people know when the meal has begun and when it is ready.

I assume that kids think this invention is lame. But, hey, if parents want to give it try, I’m not judging. With the technology out there today, you have to do anything you can to get their attention. If a texting apron is the only way, so be it.

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A celebrity experimenting with Gender Bending will probably either lead to an Oscar nomination or a Razzie award, because there’s a fine line between crossing successfully and being a gender bent disgrace. Odds are your favorite male celeb isn’t going to take the big step on the big screen. But if it just so happens that you want to see what he would look like as a female, this Gender Bender contest on worth1000.com  has you covered! The contest has ended, but you can still see what George Clooney would look like if he were actually Georgina. The website transforms a male celebrity into a female celebrity and the outcome is pretty interesting. You have to see the celebrity gender change! My favorite is obviously Brangelina!


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The newlywed is so excited to be married! Justin Timberlake went straight from jumping on the cover of People to jumping Gangnam Style right beside the one and only Psy.

JT has been all over the place since tying the know with Jessica Biel. From outer space to traveling back in time to Princess Di’s wedding, he’s been busy.. did he even have time for a honeymoon before he hopped on the meme train?

Check out all the cool places the Justin Timberlake Jumping Meme has been.

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If you haven’t heard about YouTube sensation, Psy, you’ve probably been living under a rock. We’ve already told you about his  Keep Calm slogan and how he helped make the perfect Gangnam Style wedding, but what came next surprised even us. After his overnight success, we all knew he would earn a spot in the Halloween Hall of Fame, but we didn’t know a HOUSE would try out the costume?! This Gangnam Style Light Show (made with over 8,500 lights and roughly 250 channels of computer animation.. woah) is a well-done tribute to Psy.  Want to join in the fun like the Gangnam Style Halloween House? Here’s how to make the costume!

Check out the Gangnam Halloween Light Show! Do you think neighbors do the “horse dance” every time it plays?


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There’s something strangely soothing about bouncing cats off of the walls…what does that say about our stress level?!

Cat Bounce is exactly what you need when you have had a rough day (or week, or year, or hour..)! You’ll forget all your problems while gazing at them bounce around. At least, until you snap out of your trance.


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The Debates are heating up! I know I should be paying attention to President Obama and Governor Romney’s “conversation”, but I just can’t focus on that when I’m distracted by their wives’  attire! Please, someone tell me I’m not alone.

The big news of the final Presidential Debate? Michelle Obama REPEATED a dress! I, personally, love the message she is sending out to America- wearing the same Thom Browne dress she wore the second night of the Democratic National Convention last month — Michelle Obama can be JUST LIKE US! She knew the press would notice! Hello, they noticed her Tracy Reese obsession and stalked her blue-ish grey nail polish, and now she can show the world that she knows how to recycle, too!

Ann Romney took a step out of her comfort zone, as well! She started this campaign in cliche, First Lady attire.. snooze fest. At this last Presidential Debate, though, Ann donned a silk green top and cream & green silk pleated skirt. She looked very polished without trying too hard,  but, I’m sorry, does anyone else think she kind of looked like a 1950’s housewife??

So, (politics aside) what did you think of the Debates’ fashion? Are you a Michelle or an Ann?

Via: The Daily Beast




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